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Endau-Rompin Peta


In the park

There are a number of options to choose from in terms of park accommodation. Depending on your itinerary, you may opt to stay at the Visitor Complex, NERC, Kuala Jasin or Kuala Marong.

Chalets and dormitories are available at the Visitor Centre and the NERC (although at the NERC priority is given to researchers). The cafeteria at the Visitor Complex serves hot meals, while home cooked meals can be prepared by selected households in Kampung Peta upon request.

Chalets as well as a spacious campground are available at Kuala Jasin. Each chalet has an attached bathroom, while those camping out may use the common bathrooms. There is a smaller campsite at Kuala Marong, which can fit around 40 people. If you are camping out, note that you will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and any other camping equipment necessary.

Also be prepared to cook your own meals if you are staying at Kuala Jasin or Kuala Marong. Communal kitchens and dining areas are available at both sites, but you will have to bring your own stoves, pots, cutlery, ingredients and anything else needed to prepare a meal. If this seems like a lot to carry, you can arrange for porters to bring all your equipment and rations to either site.

Jakun Homestay

For a cultural experience, it is possible stay in the Orang Asli village of Kampung Peta, just down the road from the Visitor Complex. There are several homestays in and around the village that are owned and operated by the village cooperative or local businesses. This includes traditional houses on stilts right in the village, which have electricity and running water. For a more rustic experience, there are jungle huts and campgrounds a short walk away along Sungai Endau. Modelled after temporary shelters that the Jakun use while in the forest, the huts are located alongside a path that elephants sometimes pass though. The homestay packages are usually full-board with home-cooked meals.

Fun activities that can be arranged during your stay including river tubing, wildlife watching, blow pipe practice, cooking demonstrations, weaving and traditional games. You can also go shopping in the village, for locally-made handcrafted products such as baskets, mats and puzzles.

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