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Endau-Rompin Peta


Visitor Complex

This houses an information gallery, library, cafeteria and souvenir shop. Nearby are interesting medicinal plants, arboretum, orchid, ginger and palm gardens and a delightful pond with flowering Ixoras and Lantanas and brilliantly coloured butterflies.

A leisurely walk around the Visitor Complex will bring visitors through an ethno-botanical garden, a wild orchid garden, an arboretum and a variety of wild plant collections, such as gingers, ferns, ornamental herbs, palms and nature trails. Near the Visitors Complex is the orang asli village of KampungPeta and the boat jetty.

For first-time visitors, a boat trip from KampungPeta to Kuala Jasin provides a good introduction to the natural environment of the Park. The journey takes about 40 minutes, transporting the visitor through scenic views of the Endau River.

Nature Education and Research Centre (NERC)

Nature Education & Research Center is an excellent venue for nature education programs including night walks and insect study. It is also a base for scientists and researchers.

In 2001, NERC for the Park was established at Peta. The center caters for the activities of scientists, students and the  general public who wish to learn about nature. Visitors who join the nature education programs take part in activities, such as field study, slide shows, bird watching, guided tours and botanical documentation. Past research, based at Peta, has resulted in many new records and new species of plants and animals, some of which are found only within the Endau river basin (i.e endemic there) and occur nowhere else in the world. Currently, new exploration and research is also pursued in the Selai area to the west, adding to a better documentation of the vast natural treasures in Endau Rompin.

  • Family Chalet
    2 rooms (Gaharu, Karas & Candan) / 1 Room (Cendana)
    2 pax or 4 pax
    1 unit chalet (Cendana) : 1 room, 1 queen size bed
    Family Chalet – (Gaharu, Karas & Candan) : 2 room, twin sharing bed for every room
    No cooking allowed in the chalet
  • Dormitory
    Block A & B (female) : 64 pax
    Block C & D (male) : 64 pax
    Separate shower and toilet for male and female
  • Hall
    Capacity for 100 pax, Banquet chairs, fans, LCD projector and wide screen, Portable speaker and microphone, no karaoke activity allowed.
  • Library
  • Praying Hall
  • Jetty
  • Field Lab

Kuala Jasin Chalet

  • Standard Chalet
    1 room; 8 units
    2 pax, 1 room – queen size bed & 7 room – twin sharing bed
    Maximum capacity: 3 pax
    No cooking allowed in the chalet
  • Family Chalet
    3 rooms, 4 unit chalet (Meranti, Cengal, Balau, & Keruing) 6 pax
    Room 1: 1 queen bed size
    Room 2 & 3: single “pull-out” bed
    No cooking allowed in the chalet
  • Prayer Hall & Shelter
  • Kitchenette
  • Campsite
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