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Endau-Rompin Peta


Visitor Complex

The first thing that you will see upon entering the park is the Peta Visitor Complex, which is essentially a drop-off point to get organized before setting off for Kuala Jasin and beyond. All visitors must register and obtain their permits at the park office here. Around the vicinity of the complex are an arboretum, orchid conservatory and herb garden that house various plant species collected from the area.


The Nature Education and Research Centre (NERC) was established in 2001 to cater to the needs of scientists and students who wish to study the park’s biodiversity. A pioneering achievement in tropical green architecture, the buildings at the NERC that were constructed by artisans from Kampung Peta bear testament to the traditional knowledge and local craftsmanship of the Jakun. Facilities here include a well-stocked library, field laboratory, multipurpose hall, weather station, micro-hydro plant, chalets and dormitories. Visit the NERC gallery to view preserved specimens on display as well as informative posters made by visiting researchers.

Kuala Jasin

Overlooking the confluence of the Endau and Jasin rivers, Kuala Jasin is an ideal basecamp from which to launch your forays into the forest. The trail to Janing Barat starts here, whereas it is about an hours’ walk to Kuala Marong and a further 20 minutes to Upeh Guling. The boat ride from the Kampung Peta jetty up the Endau river to Kuala Jasin takes around 45 minutes.

Janing Barat

Located on the western edge of the Janing sandstone plateau, Janing Barat is the most accessible site to view the park’s famed fan palm forest. A return walk to the plateau from Kuala Jasin km takes around 2-3 hours.

Kuala Marong

The Kuala Marong campsite is an easy 60-minute hike upstream from Kuala Jasin. The languid waters of the pool below the campsite makes for a refreshing soak after a hard day’s walk. The lower section of Sungai Marong has also been zoned as a fish sanctuary, to protect the breeding grounds of the Kelah.

Upeh Guling

This unique waterfall consists of a series of cascades that tumble down into plunge pools along a steep, rocky slope on Sungai Jasin. The short trail here from Kuala Marong passes by Pulau Jasin, a special island with plants that normally grow on mountains tops.

Tasik Air Biru

Located at a wider section of Sungai Marong, Tasik Air Biru has calm, clear waters that shimmer a delicate bluish-green. It is a great place to swim with the fishes, but take heed that the crystal-clear waters can make the lake seem much shallower than it really is.

Buaya Sangkut

The main pools directly above and below this powerful waterfall are off-limits for swimming, but you may sit in the natural bathtubs along the river’s edge. Getting there entails a challenging day trip from Kuala Marong, that takes about five hours each way. Only attempt it if you are fit, do not have any existing medical conditions and are well equipped.

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