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Endau-Rompin Selai


Takah Berangin trail

This “windy waterfall” with a sizeable sandy-bottomed pool that is perfect for swimming can be reached via a mildly-challenging 3.3 km hike from Lubuk Tapah.

You will pass two smaller waterfalls along the way. The first, Takah Selow, is essentially a series of gentle cascades that tumble down a hillslope. As it is located only about 1 km from Lubuk Tapah, Takah Selow is perfect for a cool dip if you do not fancy walking very far.

The second, Takah Pandan is an elegant horsetail waterfall located just a short distance after Takah Selow. Plants known as “spray zone rheophytes” that are able to withstand the wet and cold micro-climate grow on the rock face around the pool at the bottom of the falls.

From Takah Pandan, it’s a steep climb up to and across a ridge before the trail descends to Takah Berangin. The ridge is filled with towering trees from the dipterocarp family, especially the Seraya with its distinctive grey crown. White-handed Gibbons, Dusky Langurs and Banded Langurs are commonly seen in the canopy above.

Takah Tinggi – Tempa’ang trail

Takah Tinggi (lit. “High Falls”) is a multi-step waterfall with seven tiers in total. An excursion to the falls, including a side trip to the picturesque Takah Tempa’ang usually takes between 6-8 hours.

There is a natural fruit tree grove near the start of the trail. When in season, an assortment of half-eaten jungle fruits will be scattered on the forest floor, including jungle durians, Tampoi fruits, chestnuts and Perah seeds. Before reaching the falls, you will pass by two large boulders respectively named Batu Dipikul (lit. “Rock carried on shoulder”) and Batu Berteduh (lit. “Rock shelter”).

Due to safety reasons, only the lowest tier of Takah Tinggi is open to visitors, and swimming is not allowed in the deep pool here.

To swim, take a short detour to Takah Tempa’ang along the way back from Takah Tinggi. This small but exquisite falls has an inviting pool shaded by trees that is perfect for a refreshing dip. As Takah Tempa’ang is a relatively short 1.5-hour walk from Lubok Tapah, it also makes a good option for a less strenuous half-day excursion.

Arboretum, orchid nursery and herbal garden

There are a number interesting attractions between Lubuk Tapah and Lubuk Merekek. From Lubuk Tapah, a short walk downstream along the Selai river will bring you to the herb garden. Maintained by the park’s Orang Asli staff, the garden showcases some of the many medicinal plants that are still used by the indigenous people of the region to treat various ailments.

From Lubuk Merekek, visit the forest arboretum to marvel at impressive living specimens of towering rainforest trees. Along the way back to the Visitor Complex, stop by at the orchid nursery to marvel at the amazing variety of jungle orchids. Many of these specimens are epiphytes that were “rescued” by park staff after they fell off the trees due to storms or strong winds.

Gunung Besar and Gunung Chabang Tiga

The highest point in the park lies at the summit of Gunung Besar (1,036 m asl) within the granite mountains of the northwest, along the Johor-Pahang border. Day or overnight hiking trips to Gunung Besar and the nearby Gunung Chabang Tiga (“Three Point Mountain”) are organised by local guides from Kampung Tenang, a village located just beyond the park’s western boundary.

The first section of the journey entails a 4WD ride from the Youth Complex (Wisma Belia) at Kampung Tenang through the Labis Forest Reserve, to Takah Keluang Jatuh (lit. “Fallen Flying Fox Waterfall”). From there, it’s a half hour walk into the park towards Kem Tenang, the basecamp for the climb.

Strategically located between the two mountains, the Kem Tenang campsite can accommodate around 60 campers, and there is a water source nearby. Gunung Besar is just an hour’s walk from camp, whereas it takes two hours to reach Puncak Cabang Tiga.

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