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Gunung Ledang


Anjung Mahligai

The summit of Gunung Ledang, which is a small plateau shaped like bow of a ship, is a wondrous place with pretty montane vegetation, a cool climate and an extraordinary 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape. On a clear day you will be able to see the Straits of Malacca towards the west and the faraway mountains of Endau-Rompin towards the east. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to be at the summit, especially during those magical moments when night becomes day, or day becomes night. See Mountain Climbing for more information.

Denai Pokok Ara

This loop trail makes for a relaxing stroll through riparian forest along Sungai Ayer Puteh, within the vicinity of the park entrance. Follow the path past the pitcher plant conservation area and chalets towards Sungai Ayer Puteh for a dip in the natural fish spa. There are several picnic spots and gazebos aside this gentle stream that is suitable for children. Along the trail, you may come across local residents such as the black giant squirrel, dusky leaf monkeys and long-tailed macaques. Further upstream is the Ayer Puteh waterfall, which has a lovely cascade that flows into a shallow pool that is perfect for a refreshing dip.

Interpretation Center

The Interpretation Center on the first floor of the visitor complex is not to be missed. Here, you can learn about the history and legends of the mountain, its unique geology and rich biodiversity, as well as the indigenous Temuan Orang Asli who inhabit the foothills and the efforts taken to protect the park’s wildlife. There is also a hall, audio visual room and mini library within the visitor complex.

Conservation Areas

Several ex-situ plant conservation areas within the vicinity of Taman Hutan Lagenda hold living collections of pitcher plants, orchids and ferns that have been collected or rescued from the mountain. Also look out for the dragonfly habitat enrichment site near Dewan Lagenda where, apart from fireflies and damselflies, one may spot a monitor lizard or two in repose. Nearby is the enclosure where a rescued Malayan porcupine lives.

Menara Pandang Puteri

This 14-meter high watchtower provides a bird’s eye view of the mountain, and a peek into the canopy of the surrounding rainforest. In the early morning especially, the tower is a great place to observe raptors spiralling upwards upon the thermals, hornbills on their feeding rounds and gibbons calling in the distance.

Twin Falls

This spectacular three-storey waterfall is located near Checkpoint 4 (Kolam Gajah), a 5-hour hike from the park entrance. This waterfall is a good alternative destination for those who do not wish to hike all the way to the summit of Gunung Ledang.

Kolam Puteri

This waterfall on Sungai Ayer Panas can be reached from the Gunung Ledang Resort, which is about 5 km further down the main road towards Segamat, from the main park entrance (Taman Hutan Lagenda). The uphill hike to the waterfall takes about 30 minutes, following the trail along Sungai Ayer Panas. There are a number of popular swimming spots, gazebos and picnic areas along the way.

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