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Serjarang Gigi - The Hairy Giant

From ancient times, the Endau valley has been inhabited by a tribe of hairy giants with huge widely spaced teeth (Serjarang Gigi). These hairy giants have arms the size of a man’s leg and are well over eight feet tall. They can appear and disappear at will and are very skillful and knowledge­able in forest craft. They are also great linguists and can speak any lan­guage spoken to them. They have also the ability to tell your name even if they have never met you before. Nowadays they seem to be rare.

The Serjarang Gigi giants used to catch individuals wandering in the forest and eat them near streams or rivers. When they met a wanderer, they would demand that he address them by their right name. If he failed, the wanderer would be eaten. One day, a Serjarang Gigi giant came across a man alone in the forest and demanded whether he knew the giant’s name. When the man could not answer, he picked the poor fellow up and carried him under his arm over hill and dale to the banks of the river to feast on him. The man kept cool and planned his escape. Seeing the giant’s hairy body he reached for his “*gobek api” and set the ha” on fire The giant was set ablaze and dropped the man, who made his escape. From that day on the Serjarang Gigi giants learned to respect man and to dread fire of any kind, and have given up the habit of eating people.

* fire-making tools comprising a pestle and cylinder


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