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The Drongo - The King Of Birds

In the days when birds could talk, the birds of the world decided that they should have a king to rule over them and maintain an orderly society. 

The Rhinoceros Hornbill was cho­sen and given the crown. However, he flew about proclaiming his new status so loudly that soon all the birds regretted their decision. But they were unable to retrieve the crown, so to this day the Rhinoceros Hornbill still flies around the forest with this red and yellow crown and he still calls as loudly as ever.

Next the eagle was made king because of his majesty and poise. However, much to the dismay of all the smaller birds, their new king had an insatiable appetite for them and killed and ate his own subjects.

The cruel regime of the eagle was eventually overthrown by a rebellion led by the Drongo who chased the eagle away. In the eagle’s place, the Drongo was proclaimed King of Birds and he chose the Spider Hunter for his prime minister to help him rule his subjects, which they continue to do to this day.

Indeed, it is not unusual in the forest to see an eagle being chased by a pair of drongos. The chirping of the Spider Hunter flying about in the forest is considered by the Orang Hulu as the prime minister going about his business of running the bird world. 


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